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 Classes begin Saturday September 14, 2019

Registration opens Friday August 9, 2019

Registration fee of $15.00 per dancer is due to hold your spot in class.  The fee and the first payment will be posted to your account within 24 hours.

*Classes are contingent upon sufficient enrollment.*

ALL registration is on-line.
dancers need to register via Customer Portal

NEW Dancers – click on the “Register” link next to the class you are interested in registering for – you will be given the option to register for more than one class and/or additional dancers in the registration process. 🙂


  • Level I – beginning dancer or dancer with some experience at the younger end of age range
  • Level II – at least 1 year experience in the same age range
  • Level III – at least 2 years of experience in the same age range

School-aged children’s classes are based on grade level. When dancers move up to an older age level range, the expectations increase. Dancers can attend classes in the younger age ranges.  Our classes are age appropriate and our teachers strive to challenge all levels of dancers within each class, thus younger dancers will not be permitted to attend classes with older dancers, unless Ms. Janell has given permission.

Ages 2-3

Ages 3-4

Ages 4-6  (Level II/III must have 1 full year experience)

Grades K-1

 Grades 1-3  (Level must have 2 full years experience)

Grades 2-5  (Or any grades 1-3 listed above)

Grades 4 and Up  (Or any of the grades 2-5 listed above)

Grades 6 and Up (Or any of the grades 4 and up listed above)

Grades 9 and Up 

Adult Only







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