Our program is based on the premise that dance is a fun learning experience, while at the same time incorporating a strong emphasis on placement and technique. We believe each student is equally important, whether planning a career in the dance world or simply dancing for recreation! Self-confidence and self-concept are extremely important and increasing them is a part of our program. Each accomplishment is acknowledged and striving for future accomplishments is our goal. We allow for mistakes because you cannot learn, unless you make mistakes!

The Dance Experience is perfect for every dancer from beginning to advanced. Our classes have the right balance between fun and strong technique. Our recreational dancers take 1 class per week, while some of our competitive dancers are at the studio 5 days per week. Our teachers come from varied backgrounds to bring a wide range of styles and techniques to the classes.

Being a talented dancer does not automatically make you a talented teacher! We are very proud of our staff and feel that they have the qualities that make good teachers.