Birthday Parties


Flexable Options

The Broadway Bonus $16.95 Per Child. Are you looking to add some additional flair to your party experience? Our staff will gladly work with you to ensure that your child has the party experience they have dreamed of.Contact us today:
The Off-Broadway Special $14.95 Per Child.
Directors Choice

Children’s parties are available for ages 3 and up. Parents of children attending parties are welcome to stay in the waiting area during the party. ALL PARTIES REQUIRE A MINIMUM OF 8 CHILDREN. IF YOU HAVE 10 OR MORE GUESTS, THE BIRTHDAY CHILD IS FREE!

I. THE BROADWAY BONUS           $16.95 Per Child

Broadway offers only the best and so do we in this all inclusive party package! You bring the cake, beverages, candles and the kids! We do the rest!

  • Dance instruction
  • Birthday decorations for the dance studio
  • Prizes to the winners of the games
  • Paper products – cups, plates, and napkins
  • A present for the birthday child
  • Party bags full of treats and favors for each dancer
  • A supervised and fun party

When 2 hours are up, mom and dad go home and we clean up!

II. THE OFF-BROADWAY SPECIAL        $14.95 Per Child

This package requires more participation from  the parents!
You bring your own party products and it reduces the price, but not the fun!

  • Dance instruction
  • Supervised games
  • A present for the birthday child
  • Set up and clean up of the dance studio
  • Fun
  • You provide what your kids want such as cake, beverages, favors, and paper products

III. DIRECTORS CHOICE   Paging all creative parents! Design your own party theme! We still set up, clean up, and provide FUN. Price is determined by length of party and cost of party products if we provide them.

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